Wallpaper for All Seasons

Ever stop to think…and forget to start again? Well, sometimes when you find yourself gazing off at nothing, it’s actually SOMETHING, some view or glimpse or vista or alpha-inducing scene that just sets your mind free to wander.

Some of these are the views that do that for me.
I look up a lot.

All were chosen in hopes they’d be good wallpaper, the background on your computer screen. Some are seasonal, like the Portland rose festival and snow and the state fair stained-glass anvil, some mystical like the fog in Milwaukee. The dome’s the Iowa State capitol, and so’s the geometric border. The block of ice is the St Paul Winter carnival, so is the block of faux marble packed snow; the chocolate ceramic tiles were in Grandma’s bathroom, now gone.

The tunnel’s at O’Hare, the skylight at the Manchester Inn. The bone made Dog Toby’s eyes light up. There are too many clouds, and no people at all.

You can easily make one your wallpaper. Change with the seasons. Mystify your cellmates. I was going to give you 52, one for each week, but I got carried away. That’s OK. You won’t like some.

Dylan from the Isle of Man took the time-exposure of the red plane, a 1939 Stinson I’ve been allowed to fly. Lovely Liz shot the snowy barn, Ben shot the forest path and John photographed the road ahead. Otherwise I took them all.

- Stella -    

Click on any photo to open full-sized version.

To make photo into Wallpaper, Right-Click on the fullsized photo
and select 'Set as Background'or 'Set as Wallpaper'.

3ducks3.jpg AnvilWindow.jpg aquasky.jpg barn.jpg
BirdSheetMusic.jpg Bone.jpg booksbooks.jpg breakfront.jpg
budRose.jpg capitoldome.jpg catalpa.jpg cloud.jpg
cloudtrees.jpg DawnPatrol.jpg dill.jpg dmsnow2full.jpg
DrugstorePlants.jpg elevatorsunset.jpg fireplace.jpg Autumnsunberries.jpg
fireplcandle.jpg flowerlight.jpg fordflow.jpg GrillSidewalk.jpg
heapcloud.jpg helicopterseeds.jpg HexEgg.jpg hiRose.jpg
hokusaiphoto.jpg IAfairSunLeaf.JPG IaStateCap.jpg iceblock.jpg
LakeAveWindow.jpg leadedGlass.jpg leafs.JPG likemarble.jpg
Manchester.jpg MargeFog.jpg MargeTiles.jpg MilwBookstore.jpg
moontree.jpg oHareHall2.jpg Owreath.jpg MtCloud.jpg
p6220545.jpg pepperpepper.jpg pinebranch.jpg PostCardClouds.jpg
punkins.jpg rainrainsnow.jpg raspberries.jpg seastonebeachOR.jpg
shinyplane.jpg snowbank.jpg snowytruck.jpg stinsonstars.jpg
SunForest.jpg TerraceHill.JPG ToyStoryClouds.jpg treepath.jpg
wallacetiles.jpg wallacewindow.jpg walnutNE.jpg weismanSunset.jpg
WIndowWalnutgold.jpg Wiscliff.jpg

Created by Stella Shaffer, December 2005