2007 Wallpaper

Happy New Year!

Here once again are some windows onto the world you can apply to the screen of your computer, to gaze at when you're languishing at the workstation instead of out enjoying the world yourself.

There are more than 65 this year -- enough that, even if some don't strike your fancy, you have a fresh one each week of the year. Follow the easy instructions to set your choice as your current wallpaper, or just page through the pictures now and then when your brain needs a quick vacation.

         See the divine in everything, and let beauty take you by surprise. -a quote I just made up -

- Stella -                 

Click on any photo to open full-sized version.

To make photo into Wallpaper Right-Click on the fullsized photo and select:
Set as Background (Internet Explorer) or Set as Desktop Background (Stretch) (Firefox).

Created by Stella Shaffer, December 2006