Stella's 2008 Wallpaper

Welcome to 2008

I think often of friends old and older, as I continue to unexpectedly grow older myself.  We share jokes and stories and reminiscences, so once again I share some views of the world that will give your brain a mini-vacation even when your body can’t get out.

For the first time, this year there are two groups of pictures: one for standard monitors, which have a 4-by-3 aspect ratio, and another bunch for the new wider flat monitors that are becoming more prevalent, which have a ratio of 16-by-10. 

Figure out which works with your computer, and feel free to use any pictures from either set.  If you like one that isn’t in your monitor’s size folder, resize it, smoosh it into a new shape, or ask me for a re-edited version of the picture that will show up correctly on your screen.  It’s another excuse to get in touch even when you don’t have a new urban legend to pass along. 

- Stella

Click on any small photo to see full-sized version.
To use photo for Wallpaper, Right-Click on the full-sized photo
and select 'Set as Background'or 'Set as Wallpaper'.

These photos are formatted for conventional screen (4x3, e.g., 800x600, 1024x768) monitors.
3BALLOONS,jpg 07iowana.jpg Araucaria.jpg bamboo.jpg Bank.jpg
bluebells.jpg bolts.jpg boxes.jpg bridalvine.jpg brix.jpg
Buddha.jpg capdome.jpg carrot.jpg chemeketa.jpg chips.jpg
coffeebubble.jpg CopperSteam.jpg corvette.jpg zwaterglyph.jpg dandeshadow.jpg
dc8schema.jpg dewrose2.jpg dewrose.jpg diamonds.jpg dimTiffanny.jpg
doorknockers.jpg FAIRspiderman.jpg firecrackers.jpg flowerShade.jpg foghill.jpg
fountain.jpg Glassbricks.jpg GnarlFlower.jpg grasshadow.jpg gully.jpg
headlight.jpg hydralamp.jpg hydrangeas.jpg iceblocks.jpg icyfrost.jpg
lakeavewindow.jpg LemonSlice.jpg lichen.jpg makeAwish.jpg mapleaves.jpg
maxwindowdark.jpg mimosa.jpg moss.jpg mossy.jpg Museum.jpg
NWcorrugPlane.jpg oldRoses.jpg Olyshop.jpg Pillsburyivy.jpg planebelly.jpg
PlatteSunset.jpg Quilt.jpg RainbowWeb.jpg sequoia.jpg shaggy.jpg
shroom1.jpg snowsnow.jpg spires.jpg squirrelRose.jpg storeLight.jpg
stripeleaf.jpg sunforest.jpg templearts.jpg TlingitLog.jpg tLodge.jpg
UMbrickceiling.jpg WallTopper.jpg warpflower.jpg windingTree.jpg window.jpg
woodprop.jpg zblock.jpg zufo.jpg

These photos are formatted for Wide Screen (16x10, e.g., 1680x1050) monitors.
BNSF.jpg cherries.jpg DarkHall.jpg girders.jpg
ISUmorril.jpg KCwinterSilo.jpg manhole.jpg milwart2.jpg
onions.jpg ORfog.jpg pinkleaf.jpg Pumpkins.jpg
salemsunrise.jpg sculptLake.jpg seashore.jpg security.jpg
shroom2.jpg snowmounts.jpg sundog.jpg triangles.jpg
TrickOtheLight.jpg zfoil.jpg zgrapes.jpg

Created by Stella Shaffer, December 2007