Wallpaper for winter 2008-2009

The faces of friends and loved ones stay with us, enshrined in memory and enriched with warm memories. So there are never any people in this annual collection of photos to use as your computer wallpaper. Change to a new view when you change your mind, your mood, your needs, or the season, and enjoy this virtual window.

These are all original and homemade, free from any virus or sociological attitude. They are unretouched, non-Photoshopped, and endowed only with wonder. You are welcome to use them for your own enjoyment. For the last time, I include both a wide-screen version and some photos sized for more squarish older computer monitors, though both will probably work fine for you. The fish, perhaps my favorite, are in the Portland Zoo.

Because of the profusion of flowers in my new part of the world, there is also an online extra -- an entire extra set of floral and scenic wallpaper photos, accessible at www.stellastarr.net/wallflowers.html.

As always, click on a small picture to get the bigger version, and you can right-click
and select "Set as Wallpaper" to make it your own view for as long as you like.  

these are formatted for (16x10, e.g. 1680x1050) wide-screen monitors
bandon.jpg beachrivulets.jpg bizwindows.jpg blackberrytracks.jpg
braid.jpg brickfactory.jpg bridge.jpg bridgewater.jpg
carmelcorn.jpg chalkboard.jpg cherryfountain.jpg chromegal.jpg
circuits.jpg coolfoghotday.jpg curtainlight.jpg daffodillies.jpg
dakbarns.jpg denimwindows.jpg dewdrops.jpg dewweb.jpg
dials.jpg endofair.jpg falleaf.jpg fencevine.jpg
fernstep.jpg fernsun.jpg flowerbrick.jpg fogtrees.jpg
fountain.jpg frostygrapes.jpg ghosts.jpg ginko.jpg
gumball.jpg guthrie.jpg hatchery.jpg herringbonebeach.jpg
holidaywiring.jpg horseflesh.jpg iredale.jpg ivybars.jpg
jackolantern.jpg kidart.jpg leafroof.jpg leafs.jpg
lighthouse.jpg lilpoppies.jpg lodgewindow.jpg millbrick.jpg
millriver.jpg mirror.jpg mistyseahills.jpg monetcliff.jpg
montanasunset.jpg mtmajesty.jpg mtpass.jpg mudflat.jpg
obama.jpg oceancrest.jpg opaltree.jpg operadoors.jpg
osh.jpg oshcorner.jpg parachute.jpg peaks.jpg
pelicans.jpg piecespaper.jpg pipey.jpg puget.jpg
quilt.jpg quiltowers.jpg rattlegrass.jpg rcbarn.jpg
redwforest.jpg riverice.jpg rocketwall.jpg rustywarehouse.jpg
salemartfair.jpg scatterleaf.jpg slushfroze.jpg snowindow.jpg
snowpines.jpg snowytrees.jpg spaghettios.jpg spruce.jpg
sprucecontrols.jpg stainglass.jpg stonearchbridge.jpg sunflowr.jpg
sunset.jpg sunspots.jpg surf.jpg teenydaffo.jpg
tideforest.jpg tinysnowmen.jpg toowidejohncars.jpg tram.jpg
vineyard.jpg waterfall.jpg waterfallsun.jpg waterglass.jpg
waxfloor.jpg whalesea.jpg wheat.jpg woodbench.jpg
yrjets.jpg zoom.jpg

these are formatted for traditional monitors
airshowdna.jpg antique.jpg carnival.jpg cauliflower.jpg cement.jpg
conelight.jpg creek.jpg dewweb.jpg dickeyshack.jpg driftwood.jpg
ferris.jpg flybaby.jpg hoodsnowtrees.jpg marina.jpg mudflat.jpg
orchard.jpg parachute.jpg petals.jpg placemat.jpg rockbandon.jpg
skyhaze.jpg snowtide.jpg spurge.jpg sunflag.jpg sunflowfence.jpg
topowinery.jpg trout.jpg wallwindows.jpg window.jpg blueiris.jpg
peonyhammers.jpg dripsleaf.jpg shoreblooms.jpg