Wallpaper for 2010

Oh, look out there!  I have.  And I brought back some views for you. 
When you’re stuck inside at work, or relaxing in the evening, put another one onto your computer
monitor as wallpaper, and enjoy a window onto some vistas you might not have seen otherwise. 

Click on a small picture to get the bigger version, and you can right-click
and select "Set as Wallpaper" to make it your own view for as long as you like.

Wallpaper formatted for newer wide-screen monitors, 16x9 ratio, or 1920 x 1080 pixels.
1.78/arcade.jpg 1.78/brussel.jpg 1.78/chex.jpg 1.78/hyacinth177.jpg
1.78/img_8376.jpg 1.78/leafmore.jpg 1.78/maple.jpg 1.78/mosswall.jpg
1.78/mthood.jpg 1.78/ohowe.jpg 1.78/plasterwall.jpg 1.78/pondice.jpg
1.78/rennbooks.jpg 1.78/scene.jpg 1.78/seedart.jpg 1.78/skywaterlong.jpg
1.78/stateflowers.jpg 1.78/stucco.jpg 1.78/widecloudwalp.jpg 1.78/wideivywalp.jpg
1.78/zesto.jpg 1.78/zoomrain.jpg 1.78/zza.jpg

Wallpaper for 16x10 ratio monitors, usually 1680 x 1050 pixels.
1.60/blacktulip.jpg 1.60/cowboyobook.jpg 1.60/dreamyshadows.jpg 1.60/fogscraper.jpg
1.60/horizon.jpg 1.60/metrobw.jpg 1.60/pearlear.jpg 1.60/poppoppy.jpg
1.60/rhody.jpg 1.60/riverscape.jpg 1.60/skiprings.jpg 1.60/sundew.jpg

Wallpaper for traditional 4x3 (tube) monitors, 800 x 600, 1024 x 968 pixels.
1.33/canewreath.jpg 1.33/creek.jpg 1.33/dahlia.jpg 1.33/dandeglow13.jpg
1.33/dandycentre.jpg 1.33/leafwalp.jpg 1.33/purpleaf.jpg 1.33/seaoclouds.jpg
1.33/shrooms.jpg 1.33/sprinklersunset.jpg 1.33/stonypath.jpg 1.33/sycamoresquash.jpg

Wallpaper for flat screen monitors with 5x4 radio, generally 1280x1024 pixels.